Got a half hour to kill? Listen to this!

Here’s an interview I did with Kate Daniels, on “Inspirational Woman,” KRMW-FM, Warm 106.9 FM, in Seattle/Bellevue:

(And if you’re really bored, count how many times I said “I did the research”…ick. These interviews are so hard to do–talk about having to think quickly!)

2 thoughts on “Got a half hour to kill? Listen to this!

  1. I just listened to your interview and I have to say I am in tears. You are definitely an inspiration to anyone who hears you, knows you, or has read your book. You were spectacular and no, you didn’t talk about research too much. It is important for people to know that research is needed no matter what you are writing or going through. I was especially interested in your description of how you were ready to sit up, get up, walk, etc. and found you couldn’t. I have had a rough time recovering from my knee surgery and subsequent pneumonia hospital stay followed by rotor cuff surgery all since November. I just did not bounce back the way that I thought I should. To hear you vocalize that made me feel better. I am saving the soundtrack for another day. I am not sure I can handle that right now. Hearing you talk about your students and how interested they are in what you are doing makes me really miss the classroom. Thanks for posting this interview, Aimee. Take care.

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