Dear Readers of Permanent Marker: A Memoir,

Hi everyone!!! I just wanted to personally thank you for buying my book (or even borrowing it to read), and hopefully by now, a week-plus the book’s actual launch date, you’ve all had a chance to read it. (HOORAY!!!) If you have finished reading the book, would you please consider writing a review for it? (ESPECIALLY if you bought it on Amazon!)

  1. It could help me reach a larger market.
  2. I would love to read your review and
  3. I will give you a treat for doing so!!! 🙂 And if you know anyone else who’s read it, can you tell them to write one, too? Please?
There are two places where reviews mean so much–especially if I can get up to 50!!–but you will have to create an account (Goodreads) or have an Amazon account to do so:
**Or feel free to post your review on any book/entertainment site you frequent.**
Once you’ve done that, let me know in an email/post/message, and I’ll send you something special as a memorable thank you from me.
Help me spread the word about the book–Jackson’s now claiming he won’t get THE TATTOO until the book has been turned into a movie, so let’s make that happen!
And P.S. Stay tuned for an up and coming special blog post! My seniors created soundtracks/playlists for Permanent Marker: A Memoir, and the winning soundtrack will be posted here for the world to see and comment on as soon as I choose one–they are due tomorrow! (And they’ve had so much fun with it!)
Hugs to each of you, Aimee 🙂

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