Author of Permanent Marker: A Memoir

I am an educator, writer, and speaker who has weathered devastating traumas and used them as a springboard to rebuild my life. I believe in the power of writing to heal and to connect with others, who I hope I can encourage to embrace their brokenness and see it as true beauty.

Permanent Marker quote

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“In Permanent Marker, Aimee Ross doesn’t shy away from telling the hard truths of tragedy. She explores her own, personal trauma with raw honesty from her newly re-charged heart while searching for that trauma’s meaning with a candid, conversational style. Aimee’s story reminds us that even when our truths don’t reveal themselves in the ways we wish they would, we can always choose how those truths shape, rather than define, our lives.”

Darin Strauss, Author of Half a Life

“Aimee Ross spares no details in her raw, unflinching account of what it means to have your life torn apart—physically and emotionally. Permanent Marker is a remarkable story of healing, courage, and finding the strength it takes to rewrite your life’s story.”

Tina Neidlein, humor writer and author of The Girl‘s Guide and It’s a Mom Thing

“A devastating car accident could have been the end of her story, but Aimee Ross possesses an indomitable spirit and fierce humor that breathes new life into every page. Clear-eyed and open-hearted, Ross throws open the curtain to her hospital room, revisiting the harrowing, daily details of her trauma and recovery, writing herself to wholeness, and reminding us all of the crucial difference between merely surviving and making a decision to live.”

Jill Christman, Author of Darkroom and Borrowed Babies: Apprenticing for Motherhood