Anyone Out There?

It’s been a few years since my blog has been active. Why? I stopped writing when Covid hit. How could I possibly have anything interesting anyone would want to read when we were all surrounded by the fear of death of a virus we knew nothing about?

But now, I might be back. Depending. Can you let me know if you’re still here? I’m headed to Italy in a couple months, and it might be fun to share that here, as well as preparation, etc. Thanks!

Tuscany, Italy

4 thoughts on “Anyone Out There?

  1. Italy – wow, I’ve heard they have good wine there – you should try some. Have you rented a bunch of Italian films & read a few Italian authors?
    I’m excited for you Aim


  2. Oh Aimee I am so excited to hear you will returning to your blog. You have an intriguing way of telling a story and I always love reading them. Wishing you a safe and fun filled trip and will be watching!


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