Reviews Are Trickling in for THE BOOK, and . . .

. . . oh my goodness, are they good!!! Text messages, Facebook messages/posts, and Goodreads reviews–I just have to share them. They make everything come full circle, you know. There are twelve out of twelve great reviews, and that means I’ve earned a 100% on my book! That is so exciting! Do you know how hard it is to earn a 100% for writing in my class? Just ask my Comp I students!

  1. Hi Aimee, I just finished Permanent Marker…which I just started this morning and could not put it down. By writing your story, it has not only allowed you to heal but gives strength and inspiration for others to face their truths. An amazing story about an amazing person! Congratulations on a brilliant book! Loved it!
  2. Oh Aimee, just finished AND I’m crying. What a wonderful inspirational story you have. I loved reading it. Thanks for sharing your heartache, pain and metamorphosis with the rest of us. I love you and am proud to call you friend.
  3. I laughed (the random Ricky Martin). I cried. I celebrated. I ached. I reminisced (Do not knock on her door when she’s teaching). Well done!
  4. Aimee Ross’ book, Permanent Marker, is a deeply moving and inspirational telling of a resilient and remarkable woman–a woman who overcame seemingly insurmountable odds. Within only six months, Aimee underwent a divorce, heart attack, and a car accident where she barely escaped with her life. But even through these heart-breaking experiences, this impressive teacher, Ricky Martin “fangirl,” and aspiring princess refused to break. Permanent Marker teaches us what it means to experience tragedy and rise up from our ashes as stronger people who find hope and the courage to inspire others.
  5. This book is one that you will not be able to put down. From start to finish, you will be glued to the words on the page. The imagery used in this book is phenomenal. You can picture everything that had happened in this real life story. I could relate so much to many parts of this life story. This is a great book and one I highly recommend reading!! (PS- I am not a reader and I had this one done in a day!!)
  6. AIMEE! I read this book in two days! Wow! I couldn’t put it down! It reaches so many emotions! I know you and I learned so much about your life! I cried, I laughed, I prayed, I was inspired! You expressed everything in such detail! I stand in awe of all you overcame and the fact that you let us all experience and be inspired by life! This book is going to touch people, inspire people, move people, and make people stronger! Thanks for just sharing a small part of your life with all of us and making me step back again and see how blessed I am and if you can overcome and come out on top after all the pain, sorrow, heartbreak and tragedy you experienced, I CAN OVERCOME ANYTHING! Please keep writing, you truly have a gift and God had you here to share it with all of us!
  7. This book is about an amazing brave person who took tragedy by the horns and helped her heal to the life she deserved. Permanent Marker is a reminder to those who are having a difficult time that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
  8. 60 pages into your breathtaking book. I’m crazy impressed by how you balanced the three storylines (so far), and how they play into each other. It’s an admittedly painful read. It’s graphic and creates a sense physical discomfort at several points, which is to say I don’t know how you got through any of it, but yet here you are, and telling the story nonetheless. I’m going back to reading it now, thank you for putting this out into the world.
  9. Wow! This memoir by Aimee Ross kept me spellbound from the very beginning. It is a beautifully written story of a very difficult time in her life, and how she worked through it to become the person she is today. By flipping back and forth between time periods, Aimee draws you into her life. Her wonderfully written word pictures paint a story of love, brokenness, family, perseverance, and healing. As a librarian, I am excited for my students to read this memoir. They will not only learn life lessons about struggles and hope, but they will also be reminded that it’s okay to be imperfect. That we are all broken at times and put back together. That there is life after tragedy. Aimee is an amazing teacher in the classroom.  Now her teaching will be expanded to everyone who reads her book.  This is one you are going to want to read over and over again.  Thank you, Aimee, for sharing your story with us.
  10. The candidly revealing memoir, Permanent Marker, is a heartfelt and honest expression of the author’s battle in overcoming painful circumstances and obstacles beyond her control. Within the same year, she survives three traumatic and life-shattering experiences, leaving her deeply scarred; inside and out, emotionally and physically. Deciding not to stumble through self-pity, instead, she chronicles, with humor and humility, her survivor’s tale, all the while remaining consistently hopeful and ever optimistic. Written in a straightforward and jarring manner, each turning point in the novel is stripped down and told as a series of stark flashbacks that intertwine seamlessly, including a… a poignant letter to the person who, in a split second, irrevocably changed both their lives. The result is a narrative both affecting and uplifting, simply told by a novelist open to sharing the startling and remarkable account of her life. A refreshingly honest, beautiful book.
  11. Wow. I literally just read this book in one sitting. Aimee’s story was so sad, heartfelt, and touching, but also uplifting and inspirational. It starts off with her car accident and flashbacks to her (very shortly) prior divorce and heart attack are interspersed throughout, making the reading even more compelling. Loved this book, my only complaint is that I wish it had a little more detail about certain things.
  12. I found this memoir by award-winning high school English teacher Aimee Ross to be very moving and I’m so glad she shared it with the rest of us. It comes across as a heartfelt, empowering and a cathartic read that sprinkles bits of her growth across its pages as she opened up about the horrible “Trifecta of Shit” as she refers to it that happened to her in a 6-month period of her life. At the age of forty-one and unhappy in her marriage, she asked her husband for a divorce. Just three days later, she suffers a heart attack. Slowly recovering from that and starting over in her own place, five months later, she survives a near-fatal car crash caused by an intoxicated driver. This book is about her recovery and in a way IS her recovery as she explores the connection between writing and healing…physically, emotionally..and learning to forgive. A very moving book that touches on many topics, some unexpected. Very honest and emotion filled.

I’m so happy that everyone likes the book so far!! And Jackson has been strongly encouraged to make his tattoo appointment, which I will record and share extensively when it happens.

And just because I love the photo, here it is–the one described in Permanent Marker: A Memoir–the one of me meeting my inner child’s idol, Cinderella.


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