Who’s Up for a Contest?!

Let’s play a game. I bet you can’t finish this analogy about my gorgeous husband and me: Jackson is to _________ as Aimee is to cleaning the bathroom. I mean, I’ll do it if I have to, or if I notice it needs cleaned, but generally, I just don’t. I can think of a billion other things to do with my time. (Plus that was always my “chore” growing up, and I hated it.)

Bonus shot of Jackson’s weird tattoos. Ugh–don’t know why I didn’t use this one last time. 
To help you figure out the analogy, here’s a clue. It’s so completely ironic. Like so damn ironic. I’m an English teacher after all. I’m actually writing my own book. There, those are enough clues. Can you finish the analogy? I’ll tell you more about it when you do…

Until then, Room 110 got a new addition this week, and boy was he a hit!!! I saw students posing with him, students talking and singing to him, and students taking selfies with him. If only he were real. We could be quite a dynamic teaching duo, I would imagine. But it’s okay, because I’m going to get a lot of leverage out of this for a long, long time. I should have thought of it sooner, but I didn’t. So thanks for the idea, Logan!


Funny thing that happened today. Students were overheard complaining about having “writer’s block” with their research paper (a measly five pages)—the one they’ve been working on for more than two weeks. The warmest two weeks of 2017 thus far. Hah! I replied. That’s not writer’s block; there’s no such thing, I told them. What you’ve got, my friends, is senioritis, and you need to get over it soon! Phew. It’s too soon for senioritis, just like it’s too soon for mosquitoes, but I’m afraid they are both here to stay.

In other news, it’s looking like THE BOOK is not only going to my editor soon for some cleanup, pointing out of holes, and ideas, but the publisher wants to put the book’s “package” together within the next month or so—HOW EXCITING! Good thing I know what it’s about by now, right? That way I can steer the cover/title in the right direction …Did you know that, so far, coming up with the book’s title and chapter titles have been the second hardest part of writing the book, next to its organization? Yes, true.

Well, I suppose it’s time to finish this post so that I can go read more of Uncle Tom’s Cabin for a class. It’s such a good book—have you read it? The light it sheds on slavery at the time is nothing less than horrifying, and I can’t believe I haven’t read it until now. If I don’t read, I’ll have to watch “Cops” probably. And lord, we’ve seen every episode twenty times at least…

Don’t forget to try to finish the analogy! The first winning response will win a free copy of my book! (That’s coming out a year from now…sorry.)

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