THE BOOK now has a (tentative) title!

From left to right: See what I did here? Nice parallel, eh? No caption necessary.

Well, the initial proofreading reviews are in, and if they are any measure of what’s to come, then I think most of my readers will be happy with THE BOOK! Yay! Here’s what they said (and by the way, I’ve had both genders take a look):

• “First of all I’ve laughed and cried and that is the best thing a writer can do for me.”

• “I could not put my iPad down even though I knew 3/4 of the story. I thought the flow was perfect.”

• “Like reading my own diary, I feel like I’m in the moment with you. You come across as so knowledgeable, witty, and self-aware even during times of self-doubt, but not cocky like could easily be done in moments of self-suredness. You’re relatable. I love it. Raw. Real. Honest. Emotional. You are a true inspiration and mentor and TEACHER.”

And I’m glad to read these comments, I am, but I have to be honest. Two nights ago, I almost opened my blog, posted, “I’m done, I quit,” and lit the manuscript on fire. If anyone ever says that writing a book is easy, they are lying. LYING. Just like those places that say they can give a set of dental implants in one day—yeah, right. My two took well over a year to get in place. Sorry, I digress.

I have second guessed pieces and parts and order and structure so many many times, that a raging headache told me to walk away the other night, so I did. And then the next day, after some sleep and clearing of the mind, wouldn’t you know, I had a pretty good day working on THE BOOK. Hah. That reminds me—it’s time to title this book, at least until I change my mind again, WHICH I WILL. Ambivalent Aimee. That’s me.

Drumroll, please. THE BOOK’S title is tentatively going to be Cinderella, Revised: My Version, from here on out to be abbreviated as CRMV. Revising Cinderella actually won the most votes, but I’m afraid that sets readers up to think it’s going to be another Cinderella story. And I mean, it is, kinda, but not quite. (Mine has less magic, more crises.) If you’re one who voted for that one and wants to fight for it, let’s hear it!

So I have just cut up the first section into slices of paragraphs and moved them all around the dining room table with KittyCat Cami lying on most of the stacks, and gosh darnit, I do believe in chronological order; I do I do I do. So that’s what I’m going with.

And if I change my mind again, someone kick me.

P.S. Thank you SO MUCH, K, B, and K for all your help thus far.


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