Long Time, No Blog

Thanksgiving came and went. Sis and her family visited. I cooked. Lots of Mimi time. I love Mimi time.

My beautiful babies, Layla and Judson. They are growing beautifully. And look at my gray hair.

Christmas lights up, Christmas tree up, but no Christmas shopping. The one day I tried without Jackson, I bailed. Too many people around stress me out. Or maybe it’s noise. Maybe just me.

For the few weeks before Christmas break, my English 12 students took on the role of Santa, writing letters back to the kindergartners in our district.  My classroom became the North Pole, and students applied for jobs, complete with their own resume and cover letter. It stressed me out, too! But that’s only because keeping Santa alive for children means so much to me, and I have to make sure that’s just what we do.

Holiday break, Jingle Juice, and lots of family time. More Mimi time. Giftcards for Christmas presents—limited shopping, y’know.

Layla. Judson. Layla. Judson. Layla. Judson. #theadventuresofMimiandLaylaandJudson

Oops, caught a nasty cold. Probably from Layla. We share a lot of food. Cookies and chips and candy and stuff. Grandma stuff.

Happy 2020. New Year, new resolutions? Nope. Settling into my role as a grandmother, and liking it so much, that I think I will continue. Writing has taken a backseat. So have my nails. Yeah, the housework, too. Maybe I should re-adjust a bit.

Another birthday, first of the year. More silver hair shining from my head. Color it again or keep it? Look younger than I am or own it?

I’ll keep it and own it. I earned every strand.

A new puppy. Pitbull/American bully mixed breed. We shall name her Mina (meen-ah), after Dracula’s wife in the Bram Stoker movie version. Kooky English teacher thing? No. Kooky husband Jackson thing. (But I love it.)

Miss Wilhelmina–Mina. 

Judson. Layla. Judson. Layla. Both fighting sickness while teething and growing and talking and rolling, running, sliding. Mimi time is playtime.

Layla slide
Layla, on her slide with sippy cup. 

The new puppy is more work than a grandbaby. More work than my job. Phew. This must be why I am a cat person.

Remember Izzy the ornery kitty? 

A night spent in a treehouse, courtesy of my lovely son, so we could “get away.” But it didn’t feel like we got away for long. We have a new puppy, remember?

Layla and Judson. More Mimi time. Weekends and school nights. It doesn’t matter to this grandma. Time is time.

And here I am, looking toward the coming months:

  • I’m planning an adult workshop series at the museum for this spring/summer on the Holocaust, and I’m excited. I’ve had people ask me for years to do one, and now, I think I will. I’m also interested in developing a summer history camp for youth at the museum—any ideas out there?
  • Judson Layla Mina time.
  • Perhaps I’ll finally paint my living room.
  • I’d love to blog once a week. I should get on that.
  • I’d even love to start working on another book. This one about teaching. Have I got stories to tell.
  • Our annual family trip to Lake of the Ozarks. A maybe trip to Washington, D.C.
  • A new grandbaby: #theadventuresofMimiandLaylaandJudsonand…? Shhhhh.

5 thoughts on “Long Time, No Blog

  1. When I retired from teaching, I first started to journal. At some point, I realized I felt like I wanted to give back to a profession that had been so good to me. It was the hardest and most rewarding job I ever had. When I came out of college many years ago, I realized how unprepared I was to teach. So many of my classes dealt with learning theory rather than survival skills in the classroom. I wrote that book, and it proved to be entirely therapeutic for me. I encourage you to write that book.

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  2. Always love reading your stories Aimee. You are very busy, just remember to save some “me time” for yourself to avoid burnout after all you have been through. Grandkids are so much fun.

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  3. “Too many people around stress me out. Or maybe it’s noise. Maybe just me.”
    It’s not just you. I get the willies in those situations. As I recall from college psychology class — Christmas preparation can be a stressful as going through divorce.
    Glad to see you’ve got more in store with the Historical Society and plans for summer history camp.

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