I Want to Write a Children’s Book

There I said it–er, typed it. Now I need to just get started.

I know I want it to be a picture book. And I know I want it to be for children 2-8. I also know I want to write about my cat Izzy and her adventures. I just did some very brief research on Amazon, and I think I can pull off something original. Definitely something fun.

Izzy and Layla last week, sizing each other up.

But this is where I’m stumped. What next? Talk to Izzy? Draw her picture? I mean, do I have to illustrate the book, too? If not, where do I find someone that can make Izzy….well, Izzy?

What kind of story should it be? Generic? About her life being an ornery cat? Or should it be an adventure? Like the kind she no doubt had yesterday out in the faraway woods where she must have crossed paths with the turkey, that groundhog, and our new neighbor, the skunk?

The story must have wide appeal, I know. Do children like cats? Will they care about Izzy’s orneriness?  And get this:  a typical children’s story is 32-pages and about 700 words. I know I can handle that, but then I wonder, could this be a children’s book series about Izzy? I have way more than 700 words to tell about her!

Could it be non-fiction, I wonder? Maybe to the best of my knowledge, anyway. Then it could probably even use real photographs of her. Hmmmmm. This is going to be quite a challenge, I think.

Maybe if I write it for Layla and Judson it will come more easily. Layla and I have been working on what a kitty-cat says for the last month, and she’s finally starting to shape her mouth and say something close to “ME-ow.” And I know she LOVES Izzy. She claps her hands as soon as Izzy walks in a room with us.

Okay, parents, writers, friends, and others: Help me out. What advice can you give me to help get this Izzy party rolling?

Sharing Cheetos = best friends. 
Oh for the love of Cheetos, Izzy. 

2 thoughts on “I Want to Write a Children’s Book

  1. Adorable photos! If you need a book tester, just send a copy to my grandson, George. He is 2 and 1/2 and loves books. He wanted to name his new puppy Digger the dog. Wonder where he got that?? Ever read Beverly Cleary’s memoir? You might find it relevant. And read and re-read all those amazing children’s books out there. Keep exploring! I believe you are on to something valuable. ….. Kathy

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  2. If you need a book tester, my grandson, George, at 2 and 1/2 is a book lover! (He wanted to name their new pup “Digger” the dog. Wonder where he got that idea ? 🙂
    Read and re-read those great children’s books you love. I read Beverly Cleary’s memoir and you might find that interesting. It would be fun to hook up with an illustrator, maybe a student at an art school like CCAD in Columbus?
    I think you are on to something significant here, Aimee. Keep pursuing! Kathy

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