My Bucket List

What else is there to do on a dreary April un-Spring-like day, but work on my writing? As I started sifting through files, I found my bucket list–the one I started with my students ten + years ago–and decided to organize and refresh it: fun! (I’d like to get to at least 50 items, though.) If you don’t have one, you really should consider writing it and keeping it close so that you can do the same; writing goals and visualizing experiences helps make them come true. Remember, we only get one life!

Please note: the items I’ve accomplished since first writing this (2008? 2009?) have been highlighted in PINK!

  1. Write my own book, get published, sell millions (become a famous author)
  2. Meet Ricky Martin and get a hug from him (I bet he smells amazing)
  3. Win a national book award
  4. Own and wear a real pair of glass slippers! cinderella_teaser_poster
  5. Wade in a public fountain in Italy (a la “Under the Tuscan Sun”)
  6. Get my PhD in the humanities: Dr. Aimee Ross
  7. Kiss the love of my life in the middle of a rain storm outside (I know, I know. I’m not sure why this hasn’t happened yet, either. I’ll see what I can do this Spring.)
  8. Meet Victoria Beckham for coffee and brunch. Divas rule!
  9. Learn to ballroom dance (more than the foxtrot—sorry, School Daddy)
  10. Travel to the United Kingdom and go on pilgrimage to Canterbury, study Beowulf, and visit all places Shakespeare
  11. Travel anywhere that ends in an “i”: Bali, Fiji, Tahiti, Hawaii… (Missouri and Mississippi don’t count)
  12. Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France
  13. Learn how to play chess
  14. Read my own book, somewhere warm on a beach far away….
  15. Get my nail tech or cosmetologist  license
  16. Enjoy a glass of wine overlooking the San Diego Bay
  17. Visit as many of the “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives” places as possible
  18. Take a cooking class with Guy Fieri
  19. Spend a full day at work with Tina at Hallmark writing
  20. Own a pair of ruby slippers
  21. Study the Holocaust in Eastern Europe with a scholar
  22. Take a wine tour in either California, Australia, or France
  23. Shop at Saks Fifth Avenue and buy whatever I want
  24. Collect something: ideas?
  25. Color my hair hot pink for at least a couple of hours
  26. Go ghost hunting somewhere supposedly haunted (the Mansfield Reformatory doesn’t count)
  27. Teach at the college level
  28. Marry the real man of my dreams, after I’VE asked HIM (this is still a point of contention; he says he asked me)
  29. Travel to a beautiful, remote island for a week’s vacation
  30. Fall in love over and over and over again with one person
  31. Buy, furnish, and live in my dream home
  32. Adopt a kitten and make her my favorite pet ever
  33. Get my scar practically removed

One thought on “My Bucket List

  1. Wow Aimee, what a bucket list and you have done more than most. You are one ambitious lady and I am sure getting the scar removed was one of your best on your bucket list. For me as I age, so many things are less important (just being able to still sit on the floor and then get up again) so not much on my bucket list. I always wanted to go to Hawaii but Bob says no. He just saw Dr. Bernhard the orthopedic surgeon today and needs a hip replacement. Now deciding how long he can hold it off, lol. Keep writing Aimee, a great gift you have. Carmen


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