Daylight Savings Time: An Extra Hour to…Blog? :/

So I have a little extra time this afternoon, and it’s time to catch everyone up on what’s been happening here!

  1. The book: is in its final galley edits, and from what I understand will head off for publishing mid-December. You can pre-order it or read an excerpt here:

Darin Strauss, author of Half a Life, wrote a blurb for it–which I’m so excited about–and it will go on the cover somewhere. 🙂 Right now, I’m awaiting word from the Ohioana Book Festival for my inclusion, and guess what? A national organization wants me–yes me–as keynote speaker at their national conference this spring (I’m just awaiting “official” word)!

  1. School: We have just entered into our Canterbury Tales unit, and the storytelling competition will be sometime this coming week–yay! Each student takes on one of the pilgrims and tells his/her tale to the rest of the class in a competition a la the classic piece of Chaucer’s writing. Winner gets a gift card for food!! Also, in the homeroom pumpkin decorating competition, I’m pleased to say that ours–a version of Cinderella’s carriage after midnight has struck–won THIRD place! 110 pumpkin
  2. Home: Jackson and I decided to throw a Halloween party. Can you guess who we are?

    Cinderella and Phil
    Cinderella and her Prince Charming, Dr. Phil. 
  3. My beautiful daughter Natalie and her amazing boyfriend Ryan dressed up as Danny and Sandy from Grease, and then guess what? He surprised her with a proposal after dancing to “You’re the One That I want”! Of course, she said yes! An Autumn 2018 wedding is now being planned! 

One thought on “Daylight Savings Time: An Extra Hour to…Blog? :/

  1. Wow, how exciting for you all – great pictures of you all too. Love you and can’t wait for you book and so thankful I have mine pre ordered. Wishing you the best Aimee and family.


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