14 Misconceptions about Teaching High School Seniors

  1. They act their age.

Hah. Only if the true age range of seniors in high school is anywhere from 5-13. Maybe 15. Sometimes 17. Yeah, okay. And 18, too.

  1. They’re too old for candy, bubble gum, or cookie rewards.

No one is ever too old for candy, bubble gum, or cookies. Or ice cream, or cake, or chips, or granola bars, or fruit snacks, or…you get the idea.

  1. They don’t care about saying the Pledge of Allegiance.

Yes, yes they do. And some will argue with those who don’t stand for it, cross their heart for it, or say it.

  1. Senioritis doesn’t kick in until after Spring Break.

Riiiiiiiight. Contrary to this outside-of-school popular belief, senioritis kicks in sometime during their junior year. Trust me.

  1. They just come to school because they “have to.”

Hah. Seniors still heart school. Ask them.

  1. They spend more time on Snapchat than truly talking to their friends.

Nope. Most of them spend their time together sharing stories and laughing ABOUT snapchat—more than they do snapping.

  1. They complain relentlessly about school lunches.

Not really—they actually LOVE mashed potato bowl day and ask to go to lunch early!

  1. They’re great big bullies who pick on underclassmen.

Most of them only pick on the underclassmen that need set straight before they catch the school on fire or poop on the restroom floor or trash a building on a field trip.

  1. Friday Fun Day isn’t fun any longer. Especially after twelve long years. And especially in Senior English.

Friday Fun Day is ALWAYS fun, even after twelve long years, and especially in Senior English.

  1. They don’t care about school spirit or leading the student body.

Wrong: they create the absolutely palpable buzz of both!

  1. They won’t read a book or write a paper or do their homework any longer.

You just have to find the way in, because yes, they will. Especially if they love the class.

  1. They’re scary to anyone 10th grade level or lower.

Okay, that’s not a misconception. I’ll concede that one.

  1. Eight o’clock in the morning is a perfectly reasonable time to discuss Beowulf and the epic poetry of Anglo-Saxon culture.

No, no it’s not. Not for seniors, and not for the teacher. Phew.

  1. Seniors in high school are apathetic, lazy teenagers who have no respect for anything or anyone.

Not the teenagers I’m around on a daily basis. They make me laugh, make me feel alive, and make me so happy to still be teaching after all these twenty-five years. (And to all my former seniors reading this, I miss you!)

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