Take 2!

They say the third time is the charm, right? Well, let’s hope so, because after completing my original manuscript back in May of 2014, and the revised edition (#1) in March of 2017, it looks like THE BOOK is going back to the drawing board for another major revision (#2).

All verdicts are in and 1) the fairy tale/Cinderella angle just wasn’t “right” for the story, 2) the tone didn’t stay unified throughout, 3) there were too many Aimees telling the story–I know, too many Aimees…Jackson’s worst nightmare, right?–again, part of the tone/voice issue and 4) well, the other three are really enough.

So where does this leave me, you ask? Interestingly enough, the original manuscript from three years ago has gotten the most kudos, so I do believe I’m going to be taking it and tweaking it a bit. I should have listened to Josette to begin with, because she was right. (You can tell me “I told ya so” now.)

I also must revise away all of the fairy tale business that started to consume me and this book. This means that Revising Cinderella, or Cinderella, Revised are no longer working titles, so there’s also that to figure out. (You’d think the title was the easiest part, right? Nope.)

And all of this is okay, it really is, but phew. I’ve got a lot of work to do, and just when

  • the weather is breaking for good and I need to lose my winter weight
  • spring is springing all over the place and I want to work in my gardens
  • Connor is turning 18 and getting ready to graduate so I need to plan a party
  • Natalie just bought her first home which needs TLC from anyone who can help
  • and as if all that weren’t enough, we still need to move my Dad, who is taking everyone to Indians games left and right with the season passes we got him for his 80th birthday, back to Loudonville!


“Breathe, Aimee, breathe,” Jackson tells me. (All the time it seems!)

But thank goodness for his reminders, because he’s right. And let me count the ways. Because 1) I’m writing the book–yay!–I’ve always wanted to and 2) Life is good. And fun. And busy. And fragile. And you can only live it once. And it can also be lost so quickly.

So. Take 2. I will make this time count.

IMG_2318 (1)
Jackson at an Indians game last summer with my brother, dad, and kids. Isn’t he dreamy?

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