Introduction to the book: check!


The Indians may be up one game in the World Series right now, but their Cinderella story is nothing like mine!

I finally finished the introduction to my book, after three long days poking at the keyboard whenever I had a spare minute among the “Mrs. Ross, does this paragraph sound good?” and “I think this body paragraph is too long”  comments and questions.

Three days for a one and a half page introduction! Sheesh, that’s slow work, Aimee. But carefully chosen words and well-researched information about everything fairy tale & Cinderella takes time! Plus, I thought that if I made myself write the introduction first, it would help provide some structure for parts of the book that are weak, or at this point, non-existent.

And I’m so excited. Spoiler alert: I may be a real-life Cinderella. Or at least a hopeful one!

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